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Established in 2007


" often imitated, never duplicated"

This is our new site and being constantly updated.
We investigate all around the UK and beyond with real life Paranormal Investigators.
Everything we do is real. Everything we do is 100% genuine.
One of the longest established paranormal investigations teams in the UK!

Awakening your inner self and psychic powers

Part 1 launched and in members area

Today is a special day for me, it is  the 1st release of my "awaken your inner self" and the 1st chapter is live online in the members area and avilible to all core members of the group, I will be writting more content in the weeks heading towards us so please check back and any questions just ask.

I have been asked time and time again to please help me open up, I want to see and feel what you do and so here we go, the 1st instalment of the guide to doing just that, enjoy.

Psychic opening course inner self
Psychic opening course inner self

SOuth coast ghosts

South Coast Ghosts - Who we are and what we do.

We are one of the longest genuine paranormal investigations companies in the UK today.

We are a genuine paranormal investigations team and investigate many different types of paranormal activity around the UK. The typres of places we ivestigate include hystorical buildings/locations, family homes, office buildings, open spaces and host of others.

We also cater for private investigations for individual people, just ask.

We also investigate UFO activity and have a great interest in this area. We are always interested to hear from members of the public with like minded veiws and/or stories to tell us, and want to share them to the world via social media or this website.

We are always happy to hear from you if you need our help in establishing the level of a haunted or suspected hauntedness of your building, be it a place of work, or your home and can genuinely help with any activity you may be having. Help is only an email away and we never charge for our services in any way what so ever.

This is our new and updated website and it takes lots of time thought and dedication to make it so please bear with us on the updating of the site.

Due to unforseen circumstances of 2018 we, if you like, re-grouped with outstanding improvment in 2019 to become what we are today. We are a paranormal group of dedicated people that are more like a family than ever before.

South Coast Ghosts has leadership and this is comprised of its core members. We are all equal on here - no one has any extra say over the others and we all run the group together as one.

We do not suffer from politics or divide and we are 100% dedicated to para-unity from all aspects. If you are a group, new or old to us, we are happy to work with you rather than against you and offer our help to you with no strings attached in any way shape or form.

South Coast Ghosts Paranormal Investigators UK
South Coast Ghosts Paranormal Investigators UK

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